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Last day at Ladera :(

Wow, another AMAZING day. We feel SO lucky to have the opportunity to spend time in St. Lucia at Ladera – it has been PERFECT! We’ve been talking about how we’re sad to leave tomorrow – but at the same time, we have such amazing destinations in store for us, that we can only be excited at the same time!

Let’s start with last night. We stuck to the plan and had drinks at the bar. We had a STUNNING sunset – the best we’ve seen in St. Lucia, we believe. Here are some pictures! We even did a little wedding ring photo shoot – what can we say, we’re excited! Honeymoon_Day_3_002.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_003.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_005.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_008.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_009.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_012.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_014.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_015.jpg

At the bar, we met the owner of Ladera’s daughter, and told her that we had gotten engaged at Ladera last year and spent the first nights of our honeymoon here this year. She thought the story was impressive and romantic, and was generous enough to buy us a bottle of champagne to celebrate! We are so appreciative – yet another example of how AMAZING and HOSPITABLE this resort is. As you know, we HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for a romantic getaway! (The one tiny caveat is that you must like the outdoors – it can get a bit hot, and I literally have upwards of 60 mosquito bites now! But it is SO worth it!) Honeymoon_Day_3_016.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_022.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_024.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_027.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_029.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_031.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_034.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_036.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_037.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_038.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_039.jpg

Anyway, we followed with dinner. We had the most AMAZING sweet potato and cinnamon soup – OMG, I could eat this every day! Kev got the Filet Mignon (amazing, again), and I got the christophene-stuffed chicken breast (incredible!). We shared a chocolate lava cake, but I forgot to take a picture! I “tricked” Kev by sneaking into bed early, as the several drinks + bottle of champagne got the best of me, and we had a great night’s sleep. Honeymoon_Day_3_040.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_041.jpg

This morning, we woke up early again to head out to the zipline tour. The “highways” of St. Lucia are a unique feature of the island – namely, there is only one “highway” (one-laned, in some parts) that goes around the island one-way. So, in order to travel a distance of about 1-2 miles, we drove about 80 minutes to arrive at the zipline course. Downside – VERY windy, bumpy roads = car sickness for Megan. Upside – the opportunity to get to see a LOT of St. Lucia, including several smaller villages, shopping centers, schools, and more. It was awesome!

Once we arrived at the zipline, we were guided to our equipment and helmets. Unfortunately, we did NOT bring Rover (our camera) along for the adventure, as he doesn’t like flying across vast distances at high speeds with no secure attachments. Let us just say, though, that the views were AMAZING! We rode on 11 zip lines, all through the rainforest of St. Lucia, and it was VERY exciting and beautiful! We had a blast!

When we got back, we ate lunch (chicken burgers for Kev, a salad with sweet potato-encrusted-date-balls for me!), and relaxed/ read by the pool. We each took a nap, and headed to the gym (a very short workout for me, as I’m still sore from yesterday’s hike!), then took up the bar/ dinner/ drinks routine. When we arrived at dinner, though, we found a General Manager’s Reception on the main pool deck, for drinks and appetizers. We met several other nice couples, also on their honeymoons, and enjoyed a great buffet of appetizers. Honeymoon_Day_3_046.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_048.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_050.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_051.jpg

Once we sat down to dinner, we had vegetable soup (for me), and lobster bisque (for Kev), a gorgeous fresh, local vegetable salad, and then headed to the buffet. The first thing I saw was a “suckling pig” (disgusting!!!), but the rest of the food was incredible – especially the cauliflower! Here are my plate and Kev’s. We followed with a dessert buffet – I only took a picture of the sign because it’s so cute! Honeymoon_Day_3_052.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_061.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_062.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_063.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_065.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_066.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_067.jpgHoneymoon_Day_3_068.jpg

After dinner, we headed to the bar and listened to the band, and are now sitting in the room listening to the crickets and frogs and gazing at the stars. Even though there are no TVs/ radios/ mass media at the resort, we are following Game 6 online – GO CELTICS!!!! Tomorrow, we head out on an overnight flight to London and then connection to Dublin, so we’ll see you across the pond! Thanks to everyone for your comments – we love hearing from you!!!!
-Megan and Kevin

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LOVE your dress Megan - you are the most handsome couple ever. The plates of food make me hungry. Safe travels to London and Dublin.

by Mom

Hey Guys!
Sounds like you are having great fun (despite the heat and bugs in St. Lucia). Gary just sent me the link to your blog, and I am VERY happy to read there were no major incidents involving face-first landings by Kevin while "zipping" through the rain forest. By the way, thanks for cheering the Boston Celtics, even if they are but a temporary and poor substitution for the Dallas Mavericks! I look forward to your writings from more temperate climes, as sitting in my NOT air conditioned office when it is 87 degrees may not be providing the proper atmosphere for full appreciation of your entries to date. In the meantime, take care of yourselves (and each other)!

by Andi

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