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Mykonos and sea sailing

Alright! Finally able to get a post up! This is from Saturday and Sunday.

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On Saturday morning, we arrived in Mykonos, Greece. The views from the ship were gorgeous – Mykonos is such a cute coastal town, with blue-accented, white-stucco houses lining the cliffs and beaches. We observed the docking from our balcony and were excited to get out to see the town, although we had no formal excursions planned. We got in a quick spin class/ workout before boarding the bus that would take us into the city center. Once we got there, the views were incredible, and we spent a while taking pictures. Look at these octopi hanging from the ship – gross! Honeymoon_..-30_017.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_018.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_021.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_023.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_024.jpg

We spent the day in Mykonos walking around, enjoying the views, strolling through the narrow, cobblestone streets lined with shops (I bought the turquoise and pink necklace that you see in the pictures!), and having lunch at a seaside restaurant. Kev had Mythos, the Greek beer (which clocks in at a disappointing 0.5% alcohol by volume!), and I had Greek house white wine, then we shared a Greek salad and tzaziki with brown bread (we had snacked before). Honeymoon_..-30_028.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_030.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_033.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_041.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_046.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_054.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_056.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_057.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_059.jpg

There was nothing significant to report, but we had a great day getting to know Mykonos. When we came back, we stopped in at a bar and relaxed on the ship before heading to dinner. It started with a beef and vegetable soup for Kev, and an unpictured vegetable broth for me, followed by salads for each. The main course was coq-au-vin for Kev (too salty, but good), and shrimp kebab with fruit salsa for me (awesome!) We finished with peach melba for me, and I think he must have just had vanilla ice cream, because we didn’t take a picture. We stayed out a bit late and had a lot of fun, which included a photo shoot of me in the elevator – I’ll spare you the whole thing and just share one. It was a very fun day and we hope to return to Mykonos sometime in the future! Honeymoon_..-30_068.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_070.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_071.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_072.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_074.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_076.jpg

Sunday started off by sleeping in, enjoying breakfast, and heading to the gym. We had signed up for a wine tasting and were excited to learn a bit about what we liked and didn’t like, how to act appropriately in tasting the wine, etc. The class allowed us to try a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, a Chardonnay from Kendall-Jackson, a Pinot Noir from Sonoma, a Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia, and a dessert Sauvignon Blanc (can’t remember where it was from!). We both really liked the first Sauvignon Blanc, and definitely preferred the Cabernet Sauvignon to the Pinot Noir, but red wine really makes my stomach hurt! I don’t know how people do it! I liked the dessert wine, but it was too sweet for Kev. Anyway, it was a fun experience and we got a handy-dandy card telling us everything you could ever need to know about wine. We’ll pull it out at our first cocktail party at Kellogg and let you know if it gains us new friends or not! Honeymoon_..-30_091.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_092.jpg

After the wine tasting, we had a snack of shrimp salad and grilled vegetables, and then read on the balcony and took a short nap. We eventually headed to dinner, where we got the best seat in the house – right by the window! It was a perfect time to be sitting there, because our ship was actually passing around the bottom of the boot of Italy, through a strait that separates Sicily from the mainland. We could see the mainland from our table, and then we got to see Sicily later. It was gorgeous! We slowed down in the middle of dinner, and a small motor boat scooted right up to the side, the pilot (who steers us into narrow ports) hopped on in about 2 seconds while still moving, and the motor boat sped off. It was so cool! Anyway, dinner was vegetable soup for me, asparagus/ tomato/ bacon appetizer for Kev, followed by a tomato soup (Kev) and house salad (me). We each had the lobster tail and grilled jumbo shrimp for dinner, and it was excellent! Honeymoon_..-30_093.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_094.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_095.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_098.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_099.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_101.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_103.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_104.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_106.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_109.jpg Honeymoon_..-30_114.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_116.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_117.jpg

We didn’t have time for dessert, so we grabbed a chocolate cake from the buffet line and headed to a bar that was showing the World Cup Final. It is amazing how SO many people are interested in the World Cup, and it was really fun to watch. Go Spain! Now I can return to my cluelessness of soccer before getting into the World Cup again in 2014! Right before we sat down, we noticed a gorgeous sunset over the coast of Sicily, so we took several pictures. It was absolutely gorgeous and a great way to end the day! It was our last day at sea (sad!) and it was a great chance to rest up for the 3 FULL days of tours coming up! Honeymoon_..-30_133.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_140.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_146.jpgHoneymoon_..-30_149.jpg

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Could you 2 look any happier ? Let's just say blue is a great color for both of you - couple #1.
The pictures and scenery are amazing - but so far, you want to go back to every place you've been - how's that working ? Happy Rome. xoxoxox

by Mom / Karen

Phil and I did a wine tasting the looked just like that on our honeymoon--we still have the shot glasses! Still loving all the posts :)

by Christina Signore

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