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Two more fun days at sea in the books! I am feeling 80% better, but unfortunately Kev is getting a sore throat. He was really pounding the Cold-Eeze while I was sick, but now we’ve run out, so we’re crossing our fingers that it worked and he’ll just get a mini-sickness!!!

We started off yesterday morning by watching the sailaway from Venice. Having a balcony in our cabin is amazing because we could just roll out of bed and see the sights! It was really pretty as we sailed away – you’ll see the tiny tugboat that was steering us, a huge yacht that we passed by (Kev’s dream), and several shots of St. Mark’s Square and Venice itself. Honeymoon_..-24_001.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_004.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_008.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_013.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_017.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_018.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_022.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_024.jpg

Later, we went to breakfast, and then had our mandatory emergency drill, after which we went to read by the pool. It was beautiful weather – warm and sunny! – and quite relaxing. We went to the gym, ate lunch, read some more (I know, this is a REALLY tough life … I bet you feel bad for us!), tried out the casino (this one has minimum of $5 tables but we survived!), then headed to the Piazza, which is the central atrium on the ship. We watched a musical Quartet (by the way, do they look Hungarian? We think these are the Hungarians that our friend from the last cruise was talking about, but we haven’t approached them yet!), and then saw the “Acrobatic Comedians.” They were not funny, as they didn’t even say a word, but they were very acrobatic! The show was short but pretty entertaining! Honeymoon_..-24_029.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_031.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_032.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_035.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_038.jpg

Later that evening, we went to dinner, where we started with the spinach and tortellini soup. This was SO good, but unfortunately I had a MASSIVE coughing attack in the middle of eating it (including 3 trips back and forth to the bathroom), so Kev had them take it away. Right decision, but sad I missed the soup! Haha. We went on to have a Caesar salad (Kev) and house salad (me), but I forgot to take pictures amidst the coughing. Our entrée was grilled filet medallions (Kev), and chicken breast (me), which were both amazing and served with nice grilled vegetables. For dessert, Kev had the flourless chocolate cake and I had honeydew sorbet. Yum! Honeymoon_..-24_041.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_042.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_043.jpg

After dinner, we thought we were going to a production show, but it was actually just a “Welcome Aboard” presentation introducing the staff, so we left. Instead, we hung around listening to some different musical performers and enjoying the night. A wonderful first day on the Ruby Princess!

Today started with an 8am spin class for me (which was made worse by the fact that the ship’s clocks were set an hour ahead last night!), then I met Kev for breakfast. We headed out to the pool to read for a while. I finished my book – “Stumbling on Happiness,” by my old Harvard psychology professor, Dan Gilbert, and I really enjoyed it. It’s not necessarily a “beach read,” but it’s really interesting and not as “academic-boring” as you’d expect a Harvard professor’s book to be. We also spent some time reading on our balcony today, and spotted some mountainous coastline which must be Greece! I took a nap as Kev headed to the gym, then we had a late lunch/snack and headed to the ship’s game show hall for “Jeopardy.” Kev and I played with a woman and her mother, and the four of us were a pretty good team – we ended with $10,000, but the winning team had $12,900. Bummer! We came back to do some laundry (which ended up taking forever as the machines were quite packed! We feel like we’re back in college!) and reading/ hanging out on the balcony some more. Honeymoon_..-24_052.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_059.jpg

Tonight was formal night, and we forgot to take a picture together, but here are some shots of us individually on the balcony. When we headed to dinner, we both started with the chicken dumpling and vegetable soup, followed by Caesar salad (Kev) and house salad (me). Kev decided to take a break from the red meat (which he thinks he’s had about 75% of the days we’ve been traveling) and got the Shrimp Newsome? Newcombe? Something like that – basically it was shrimp grilled in a tomato wine sauce. I got the halibut and swiss chard, which was fantastic. We finished off with chocolate-hazlenut soufflé (Kev) and fruit salad (me). We also got a bottle of wine, which we’re allowed to “store” in the ship’s kitchen so we (meaning me) can have a glass or two each night until we (I) finish it. Very nice service! Honeymoon_..-24_063.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_066.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_070.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_074.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_075.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_076.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_078.jpgHoneymoon_..-24_079.jpg

After dinner we rushed to the Broadway production show, which I enjoyed but Kev did not. There’s this one singer that really bugged him and he couldn’t let it go. I thought the show itself was good, but I have 2 complaints. First, they have this one excellent ballroom dancer that they just chose to feature 90% of the time and make everyone else try to fit into her style, which they clearly were not used to. When I think of ballroom, I don’t automatically think of “Broadway,” so the theme was also a bit forced. My second complaint is that they have amazing dancers and an amazing choreographer, but (s)he must just REALLY like fast choreography, as everything seems really rushed! OK, dance rant over. In general, the show was pretty good.

After the show, we tried to get a seat at the pool deck, where they were showing the World Cup game, but it was packed. We hung around a little more and meandered around the ship, but we’re turning in for the night … Athens tomorrow! We are so excited and will give you a full report!

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I have a week to catch up on--don't know how I'll do it! Bummer that you were sick, Megs, and that Kev is getting sick. Sounds like you're still managing to enjoy yourselves! Have fun in Athens!

by Molly

Can't wait to hear about Athens !!!!
Love the dress Megan - :)
I'm thinking we should excuse Kevin from all the dancing shows, and let ME go to them with you.
I'm just saying............... xoxoxo

by Mom/Karen

Would that be Shrimp Newburg ??????

by not telling

Hope you both feel better soon! Loving your posts! Megan, I love the pink dress!!! Miss you! xoxo

by Michelle

Still loving living vicariously through you guys! Keep having a wonderful time so I can keep imagining that I am too :)

by kateandbri

I hope you both are feeling better soon. I know you are looking forward to Atnens,You really got some beautiful candids of Venice. Can't wait for next blog

by Ama

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