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Just a brief update before heading to bed. We are in London, leaving for Venice tomorrow. This morning, we woke up, ate breakfast, finished packing up, and left the ship. We were sad to leave but excited for the next step! We were very impressed by P&O's disembarkation process - it was much smoother and quicker than other cruises we've been on. We got in a cab to the bus station, where we had to wait a few hours before the bus we had reserved. The bus took us from Southampton to London in 2.5 hours - it was easy, and relatively painless (besides being hot! London is getting a heat wave and their AC's are not equipped to handle it!) From the London bus station, we got a taxi to our hotel, the Park Lane Hotel. We had to wait about an hour and a half before our room was ready. Usually, this wouldn't be a big deal, but as I've mentioned, I've really not been feeling well. My sickness was multiplied by about 50,000 this morning, and I woke up feeling miserable, so by the time we got to the hotel, I really just wanted to lay down. C'est la vie! We went to grab a small lunch instead.

Once we did get in the hotel room, we rested, read, watched the World Cup and Wimbledon, and basically wasted the afternoon! In the midst of that, we got a phone call from the Platinum Membership desk (I am a Platinum member of Starwood due to traveling for work), and they apologized for the delay and not being able to upgrade our room. They were having a special event tonight, though, and offered us tickets as "consolation." With not feeling well, I thought we'd probably pass, but we took the tickets anyway. It turns out, it was a Pink concert in Hyde Park (the "Central Park" of London)! Wow! We decided we'd give it a shot. We called Kev's parents first - they are staying at our apartment for the 4th of July - and they had good news and bad news. Good news - our apartment is still there and in good condition :) Bad news - our fish of almost 2 years, Zeus, has gone to fishy heaven :( I have to say this was expected since we'd be gone so long, but he had survived up to 13 days (including 11 days for our wedding) without being fed, so we figured he'd have a shot. Again, c'est la vie.

Anyway, we decided to walk around Hyde Park first. It was very nice and there were TONS of people there! It took us about 30 minutes to walk around it, I think. Honeymoon_Day_20_001.jpg

When we went into the concert, we were blown away - this was a BIG deal! Well upwards of 50,000 people (Kev thinks 100,000) were in attendance. There was a private tent set up for the Starwood guests (probably ~30 people) with a bar, appetizers, free goodies, etc. As we weren't really in "party mode" we didn't stay there too long, but it was nice to meet a few people, have some appetizers, and feel special :) Honeymoon_Day_20_003.jpg

Then we saw Pink! Again, the venue was enormous and there were so many people there - we were towards the back since we knew we'd leave early. Right around the time the show was supposed to start, I noticed a huge crane, carrying a multi-colored box with balloons on it, and asked Kev what it was. He said "I bet Pink's in there!" and he was right! Soon after, she popped out and went flying down onto stage - it was crazy!!! The concert was good, but we didn't stay for the whole thing as we were hungry, tired, and not feeling great. Regardless of that, how crazy is it that, on the ONE night of our honeymoon where we decide to really lay low and not do ANYTHING at all, we end up in a VIP suite at a Pink concert in London? This honeymoon is full of surprises! Honeymoon_Day_20_006.jpgHoneymoon_Day_20_007.jpgHoneymoon_Day_20_015.jpg
(Warning ... sick-looking person ahead! Dim your screens :) Honeymoon_Day_20_010.jpg

After the concert, we walked back and spent forever trying to find a take out place for dinner. It was about 9:15, which we realize is late, but it's a Friday night so we expected to have several options - wrong! Eventually we just went into a grocery store and picked up a random smattering of things, ate while watching the World Cup, and are headed to bed. Tomorrow, we head to Gatwick, fly to Venice, and spend 1.5 days there before our cruise leaves! Hope everyone's doing well and have a great weekend!

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Hope you feel better soon, Megan! So sorry to hear about Zeus :( Enjoy Venice!!

by Christina Signore

My frog is still alive!!!! Sorry Megan, after two of mine died Kevin had to rub in how much better his fish were. I had to get him back. But seriously I'm sad to hear it. I know how much even a small pet can mean. Love u guys! "SMOOCH"

by Holly

I do hope you will take care of yourself and get to feeling better. Maybe in Venice you will have a bit more relaxing time.And another cruise is perfect for that.Another adventure awaits you. Enjoy xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

by ama

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