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See you later, Norway!

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As I sit here and write this, we’ve just finished up our last night on the Norway cruise … we can’t believe it has gone so fast and we’ve had a blast! We really enjoyed Norway and hope to come back again one day. Last night, I was too tired to write, so tonight I’ll give you a recap of the past 2 days.

Yesterday morning after breakfast, we were set to hike Mount Floien, a fjord in Bergen. Unfortunately, the day was very foggy, with some scattered showers, so we knew the view from the top wouldn’t be as spectacular as we were hoping, but we decided to give it a go anyway. We were glad we did – it was a lot of fun! Honeymoon_..-19_024.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_032.jpg

We took a bus from the ship to the city center, where we caught the funicular – this cool trolley-like thing that takes you halfway up the mountain. You can see the tunnel of the funicular here, as well as the view from it (raindrops and balding man’s head included). From there, our group hiked several paths on the mountain, eventually making it to the top. The hike itself was pretty – very lush and tree-lined, with nice, wide paths and several lakes along the way. Honeymoon_..-19_002.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_004.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_028.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_030.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_049.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_059.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_035.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_041.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_074.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_088.jpg

One pretty hilarious thing was that our guides had NO idea where we were going! It was their first time guiding a tour group on this mountain, so they kept pausing to look at signs and maps. They even had us hiking up a “waterfall” (more like a river on a hill, but waterfall sounds cooler!) at one point! It was pretty funny, because we didn’t mind taking the circuitous route as we were enjoying the views, and we knew that the ship wouldn’t leave without us (since we booked the tour through the ship). You can see them looking at signs and maps a few times here. Honeymoon_..-19_082.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_085.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_108.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_110.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_111.jpg

From the top of the mountain, the fog was still quite heavy, and you really couldn’t see anything, but once we got back down to the halfway point we had a great view of Bergen! The hike took about 3 hours and was a blast. Honeymoon_..-19_118.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_122.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_125.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_113.jpg

Once we got back to the ship, Kev went to the gym and I took a nap – I really wasn’t feeling that great after being in cold, wet weather all morning – I can’t seem to shake this head cold! After that we looked at the dinner menu for the main restaurant, and were really not impressed (we saw “egg mayonnaise” and “breast of pigeon” on there, to name a few), so we decided to hit up the Italian restaurant instead. We are so glad we did – it was awesome! We started with minestrone soup (me), tomato and mozzarella and bruschetta (Kev), and then had tuna (me) and lasagna (Kev). The lasagna was basically a big bowl of meat with a couple of noodles, so it was very filling, but we still had room for some chocolate cake with cream (Kev) and strawberry gelato (me). Yum! Throughout the night, we also went to several bars and lounges around the ship, just trying to soak up all the entertainment and fun on our second to last night! Honeymoon_..-19_148.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_151.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_157.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_158.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_159.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_160.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_161.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_156.jpg

Ama, as we were watching the sailaway, we saw this lighthouse and I thought of you, so I had to include it here! Honeymoon_..-19_149.jpg

This morning, I had my 3rd and last spinning class on the ship, then joined Kev for breakfast. We sat in a lounge area and read (two side notes here … first, the initial lounge we tried to go to was having a seminar on “Arthritis: Conditions and Treatments,” which we thought was pretty hilarious and really gives you an idea for the crowd here! Second, I read like a madwoman today, trying to finish up my cruise library book. I had just finished “What is the What” yesterday, and it is an amazing, historically-accurate book about the Lost Boys of Sudan, and now I have 60 pages of “Body Surfing” by Anita Shreve to finish up by tomorrow!) Somewhere in the midst of reading, Kev went to work out, then we relaxed a bit more throughout the afternoon, eating pizza, doing laundry, packing up, and enjoying our last afternoon here.

Tonight, we headed to our last dinner on the ship, and it didn’t disappoint. We each ordered the “avocado and pear salad,” which was actually a TON of avocadoes and a few raspberries, then we had roasted red pepper soup (Kev) and green lentil soup (me). Kev had grilled sirloin steak and I had lemon sole, and we finished off with Strawberries Romanov (me) and vanilla ice cream (Kev). We were wondering earlier how much weight a person could possibly gain on this 7-day cruise, and we figured 7 pounds was about right. Sometimes it seems like all we do is hop from buffet to buffet, but we’re not complaining! (And while we personally haven’t gained 7 pounds on this cruise, I definitely wouldn’t rule it out for the whole trip!). Honeymoon_..-19_162.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_163.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_164.jpgHoneymoon_..-19_165.jpg

We spent the evening hopping between various spots on the ship again, just enjoying it all. We saw a great show called “Reel to Reel,” which took some of the most popular soundtracks from British cinema and performed them through dance and song. It was great – these people are really talented. Also, one of our favorite P&O employees is from Hungary, and happens to know a fellow Hungarian that is an employee on our next cruise, even though it’s a different cruise line. Tonight, he hand wrote a note introducing us, saying we’re honeymooners, and asking the new employee to treat us well. Isn’t that so nice? The staff here has been great.

Tomorrow, we will get off the ship, and somehow transport ourselves from Southampton to London, where we’ll stay tomorrow night before flying to Venice on Saturday. Of course, we’re sad to leave Norway and this cruise ship behind, but it’s hard to complain when you have such amazing things ahead!

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you do make me laugh. Why in heavens name would you be talking about your next cruise to a waiter and have him have a friend on board and then a note to treat you well. Fantastic. I don't have any idea how many times that would happen. Good for you. Another romantic episode (Venice) coming up. Hope you feel better Meg and can't wait to read your next blog.

by ama

Had to do some back tracking. Didn't realize you were flying on to Venice to pick up Med tour. Kev's Great, Great Grand, his Great Grand and a brother Were POW's on the island of Malta during WW1. They were living in Egypt at the time and were German citizens, henceforth taken prisoners. My Dad was born 1896 so he was only about 17 at the time and spent the war years on the island. Pic's are great and your narative is wonderful. Love, Nana

by carol michaels

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