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Today we did a whole lot of nothing, and enjoyed every second of it. The ship was anchored in Olden, another fjord town in Norway, but we had no excursions planned for the day. We expected to go walk around the town, but once we saw it from onboard, there wasn’t much of the town itself to see … the views from the ship, on the other hand, were once again INCREDIBLE. So, we spent a lot of the day relaxing and taking it all in! Honeymoon_Day_17_002.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_004.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_015.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_011.jpg

I woke up and had some coffee before an 8am (ouch!) spinning class, which wasn’t as good as the first one, and Kev worked out later. We headed to a late brunch (which was sooo good – some Indian-spiced eggplant dish, baked vegetables, and apple/blackberry/yogurt pie for me, and a personal Margherita pizza for Kev), then went out to read/ lounge on the pool deck. Just to reiterate, the views were amazing! Also – it was hot! Last time we read on the deck, I was wearing pants, long sleeves, and a sweatshirt, and had my towel over me as blanket, but this time, I actually went back to the room to change into a bathing suit because it was so warm and sunny out! Beautiful! We spent a good few hours reading, relaxing, and napping, and also managed to snap 79 pictures while sitting on the boat today (don’t worry, I won’t make you look at all of them!) Honeymoon_Day_17_019.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_008.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_009.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_014.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_020.jpg

In the afternoon, we came back to shower and get ready, and headed to the Planet Bar (the same one on the 18th floor looking backwards from the ship) to watch the sailaway. It was stunning, again – the snow-capped mountains, small villages, and green treed hills, all plunging into the blue ocean, make a gorgeous backdrop. We watched a nature-type short movie produced by P&O Cruise Lines in the bar, but it didn’t live up to our expectations. That was OK because we had a first-hand nature “movie” right in front of us! Honeymoon_Day_17_026.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_055.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_058.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_059.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_061.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_064.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_065.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_069.jpg

We then went to dinner, which was good again. For an appetizer, Kev had chicken and brandy pate, of which he ate about 1/16 of a bite. I had melon and sorbet (by the way, besides the unidentifiable meats, the British have a few other “strange” (to us) food customs. They seem to have the sweet parts in the wrong part of the meal – namely, at the beginning; and the savory parts at the end. For example, after your meal, you are “supposed to” get a dessert, THEN have cheese and crackers, THEN have either coffee or toast spread with anchovies. We just go for dessert and coffee, don’t worry!) We both had chicken consommé, but it was literally just broth (very good broth!) so I didn’t take a picture. For the entrée, I had chickpea tagine with vegetable couscous (this was amazing!) and Kev had roast beef tenderloin with potatoes, which he declared his favorite meal yet. For dessert, Kev had the chocolate sampler platter (yum) and I had a fruit salad, which was small and didn’t look that pretty, so I’m not including it. Honeymoon_Day_17_071.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_072.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_073.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_074.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_075.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_076.jpg

After dinner, we went to the bar to watch a bit of the Spain-Portugal match, then stopped by the casino (Kev lost and I won – ha! But just so you know, when we say “lost” or “won” it is pretty small stuff – we play at the 1 or 2 GBP blackjack tables, which is like $1.50 or $3, and in a night we’ll play about 20 GBP or $30 total! Small stuff but we have a lot of fun!) Later, we went to “Curtain Up,” which was an amazing Broadway-West End Theatre medley show with numbers from several of my favorites including West Side Story, Les Miserables, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Phantom of the Opera, Starlight Express, and several more. In “several more” was one musical called Blood Brothers, which I’m embarrassed to say I’d never even heard of, but I’m definitely adding it to my list! It was a really great performance both singing- and dancing-wise, and I’m glad we saw it. We’re now calling it a day … tomorrow we have our last port-day of the cruise, where we’ll be hiking a fjord in Bergen, Norway!

Oh, and one last note. Our cabin steward, Wilson, made this towel elephant for us today, which was very cute. Kevin INSISTED on taking this picture, with the caption, “I may not have gotten to ride an elephant on my honeymoon, but an elephant rode on me!” Yes, everyone, that is my husband…  Ooh, and to respond to your comments from yesterday… Mom and Aunt Debbie, that was beet (did I write beef?) carpaccio with a little tart filled with goat cheese. Mol, Pat, Mom, and Ama, we’re glad you like the trolls and gnomes. Scott, Kev will be thrilled when he hears you like his beard, and yes we’re still scared of weird meats! Pat and Holly, 10 points for identifying the Friends quote! And everyone, thanks for the well wishes and comments – you’re the best! Honeymoon_Day_17_070.jpgHoneymoon_Day_17_078.jpg

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Wow, Kevin. An elephant rode on you, huh? LOL!

by kateandbri

Haha Kev, is that a tribute to Raffi ("an elephant sat on me")? I'm proud/maybe a tiny bit embarrassed to say that Raffi was my first concert. Enjoy the last port day in Norway--the ship looks amazing! xox--Mol

by Molly

Well,your entertainment almost sounds like you relived your high school musical productions. Fun I hope you had fun climbing the fijords Can't wait to read your next blog. Enjoy

by Ama

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