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And on the 7th day ... they rested!

Recovery, cheese-y bread, and Irish TV

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Whew - we had LOTS of fun last night! So much fun that it took us all day today to recover :) We still managed to have a great day, but we weren't up for tons of activity. We were really glad we got all our sightseeing done early and had today to just relax and enjoy!

In the morning, we hung out a little bit and worked out. We then headed to the Auld Dubliner (where we'd been before) to try to satisfy my giant craving for vegetable soup. Unfortunately ... they only had either potato/ leek soup, or beef/ kidney soup - pass! So we had some tomato-basil-cheese bread as an appetizer, then I got a goat cheese salad and Kev got a club sandwich. Notice my Mrs. Lyons shirt??? I love it! Honeymoon_Day_12_001.jpgHoneymoon_Day_12_003.jpgHoneymoon_Day_12_004.jpgHoneymoon_Day_12_005.jpg

After lunch, we walked through Temple Bar a little bit, accidentally cancelled Lindsey's international ATM card by using the wrong pin number (sorry!), and headed to Christ Church for a second look. It was still beautiful, don't worry! We had a nice stroll :) Honeymoon_Day_12_006.jpgHoneymoon_Day_12_008.jpgHoneymoon_Day_12_009.jpg

Later, we came back to watch some TV and take a nap. A few notes on TV here ... first, "CSI Miami" is a HUGE deal, so everyone knows where Miami is. We chuckle every time a commercial comes on for it! Also, "Secret Life of the American Teenager" is a very entertaining (but really trashy) show - can't believe it took me coming over to Ireland to discover it! Third, I didn't see it, but did you hear there was an 11-hour Wimbledon match today? Wow! And last, we've really gotten into the World Cup since we've been here - we hope we can watch some of it from the cruise!

Tonight, we went back to Citi Bar, because I had had vegetable soup there before and was still craving it. I ordered that and a small salad, but they came back and said they were out of soup! Darn!! I had a tapas-sized portion of chicken and potatoes instead, and it was good, but I hope they have soup on the ship because I don't get rid of cravings very easily! Kev had more garlic cheese bread and meatballs with mashed potatoes (potatoes with everything!) Honeymoon_Day_12_010.jpgHoneymoon_Day_12_011.jpg

After dinner, we came back to the hotel, hung out some more, and packed everything up - we have to be up super early for our flight to Southampton. We are really sad to leave Dublin tomorrow, because we've really enjoyed the city, but we are SO excited to get on the Norway cruise tomorrow!! We've learned so much about Dublin and Ireland and feel much more connected to our Irish heritage (although Kev's Irish accent is surprisingly good and mine is AWFUL!) In case you're interested, here is the cruise we're going on: http://www.pocruises.com/en/Cruises-2009-2010/CruiseUploadFolder/Fjords-A007/?mode=overview&Search=true

Two more random side notes about the blog. First, we only have one subscriber (yay Katie!) If you want to subscribe, you will get an email every time we put out a new post. This might be helpful so you don't have to refresh the blog and wonder whether or not we've posted something, especially as we get on the cruise and may be posting less frequently. We'll also keep posting to facebook when we update. Also, if you ever want to see any of the pictures in the post (or even some additional ones that were not in the post), there is a little toolbar on the right of the screen with several pictures, and underneath it says something like "Photo Gallery." If you click there, you'll be able to scroll through all of our shots! Thanks for reading!

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Glad you guys are getting in to the World Cup. I've heard it is incredible watching games in the local Irish pubs and hope to, someday, find out for myself! Enjoy the cruise and tell Kevin he will have to work on his Norwegian accent now! :)

by Scott

Hey Guys: I think I might be almost as sad as you are to be leaving Dublin as your reports and updates about all your adventures make me feel like I have been there too! My only complaint: all those food pictures keep me in a constant state of hunger! Bon Voyage! Love, Dad/Gary

by Gary

I feel like I'm traveling with you guys as I read your blogs and see your pictures. You did miss a great tennis match (did not watch all 11 hours). But, as a true SC Gamecock fan, I must call your attention to the Baseball World Series Championship which starts tonight. We play UCLA (of all teams), to win our first NCAA baseball championship. So, far the best part is beating our son's Clemson team twice in the past two days to get there. We'll be looking out for news on your cruise...they are wonderful! Enjoy...and Megan...you can have soup every night!

by Chris Haff

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